The 3 Keys To Giving Off Higher Vibrational Energy

In the last post, we talked about what a Higher Vibrational Self is. We spoke about how our energy affected us and others. How do we make sure we are giving off Higher Vibrational Energy? We need to change our Feelings, Thoughts, Words, and Actions from a negative energy to a positive energy.


Our feelings are the basic emotional responses we have towards ourselves, others, and different situations. They are the first indicator about any subject. These will happen instinctually, which means they can be the hardest things to change. Continue reading

What Is A Higher Vibrational Self?

Vibrations are everywhere. In music, different vibrations give us different pitches. When it comes to broadcast radio, different vibrations let us tune to different stations. Vibrations are in our sight; different wavelengths of light give us different colors. Vibrations are in us; our energy. They come from our feelings, thoughts, words, and actions. They can be Lower Vibrational (negative) or Higher Vibrational (positive).

Lower Vibrational Feelings & Thoughts
Anger – Hate – Envy – Sadness – Self-Deprecation – Unable – Stress – Disappointment – Can’t – Won’t – Don’t

Higher Vibrational Feelings & Thoughts
Happiness – Love – Joy – Laugher – Confidence – Able – Abundance – Gratitude – Can – Will – Do
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