What Is A Higher Vibrational Self?

Vibrations are everywhere. In music, different vibrations give us different pitches. When it comes to broadcast radio, different vibrations let us tune to different stations. Vibrations are in our sight; different wavelengths of light give us different colors. Vibrations are in us; our energy. They come from our feelings, thoughts, words, and actions. They can be Lower Vibrational (negative) or Higher Vibrational (positive).

Lower Vibrational Feelings & Thoughts
Anger – Hate – Envy – Sadness – Self-Deprecation – Unable – Stress – Disappointment – Can’t – Won’t – Don’t

Higher Vibrational Feelings & Thoughts
Happiness – Love – Joy – Laugher – Confidence – Able – Abundance – Gratitude – Can – Will – Do

As you can see, for every negative thought or feeling, there is a way to turn it around and find a positive thought or feeling to take its place. We want to do this because our own vibrations affect us and those around us. Let’s look at a couple of examples.

Person A) Have you ever been around someone who is positive and uplifting without them ever having to say anything positive or uplifting? It is in the way they carry themselves. Maybe it is a smile or more open body language. And when they do talk, they have such an excitement or passion in their voice and in their eyes. You can feel the positive energy emanating from them. It doesn’t seem to even matter what they are doing or talking about. Being around a person like that probably just made you feel great too. Even a simple smile from someone can help turn our day around.

Person B) We all know that one person who can suck the energy out of a room. They give off negative energy and it can bring you, or a whole group of people down. Closed off body language. Perhaps a scowl on their face; shaking their head “no”. They talk about how terrible things are, or why something is always a bad idea. They never seem to be open to a new idea because it will never work. We’ve all been around them and we just feel a lot worse off after the fact.

Energy will affect others and it will always attract like energy. In example A, the positive, higher vibrational person brought out the positive energy in you. Their positive energy attracted the like energy. In example B, the negative, lower vibrational person brought out the negative energy in you. Their energy attracted the same negative energy.

If we want to attract higher vibrations in our life, we need to first give off positive energy. That is what Higher Vibrational Self is all about. We want to focus on our feelings, thoughts, words, and actions to ensure that they are giving off positive energy so that we will be able to bring that energy out in others. Having a Higher Vibrational Self will attract Higher Vibrational People into your life. You would rather be around the Positive Person A and not the Negative Person B right? Well if you are that Positive Person A, others will want to be around you. Energy attracts like energy.

How do we make sure we are giving off Higher Vibrational energy through our feelings, thoughts, words, and actions? Check out our next post to see!

For more information on this I’d suggest looking up “The Law Of Attraction”.

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