The 3 Keys To Giving Off Higher Vibrational Energy

In the last post, we talked about what a Higher Vibrational Self is. We spoke about how our energy affected us and others. How do we make sure we are giving off Higher Vibrational Energy? We need to change our Feelings, Thoughts, Words, and Actions from a negative energy to a positive energy.


Our feelings are the basic emotional responses we have towards ourselves, others, and different situations. They are the first indicator about any subject. These will happen instinctually, which means they can be the hardest things to change.

When we have a gut, negative feeling about something, there can be a good reason for that; maybe we’re justified. This would be situations where you might be in danger, and you should certainly listen to your intuition there. These types of feelings aren’t what we want to worry about, necessarily. We are looking at more of our response to, say, making a mistake, for a simple example. Let’s say you took a test, and when you got it back, you missed some points for a small mistake. Your first feeling might be that you are dumb, leading to a thought of, “how can you be so stupid?”. If you let this negative feeling continue, it could lead to you continuing to think you are dumb (thoughts). You might say it out loud (words). Your body language might change to anger (actions). One feeling can start an entire chain of negative energy. The way we can change our negative energy to positive is to catch ourselves right away. As soon as we have that negative feeling (feeling dumb), we can stop it in its tracks. Maybe you made a mistake, but if it was only 4 points off of a test, why would you let 4% of the test lead to 100% negative energy? Your first feeling of negativity can be corrected instantly on the thought level. You recognize the negative energy and look at the positive side of it. Yes you made a simple mistake, but you still scored perfectly on the rest of the test (the other 96%). That is what your thoughts should focus on. You will want to think, “I’ve done very well on the test” or “I feel smart because I almost had a perfect score.” This may lead to you saying it out loud, or to talk about it with others (words). Your body language will be more open and uplifting (actions), which can positively affect other people, since you are now emanating positive energy. Your action might be to congratulate others on their test, which will make them feel better about themselves.

Once we can get into the habit of changing our feelings from negative to positive by what comes after, we will start to do this more automatically, and with this, we will hopefully find that our negative feelings don’t exist so much anymore. If they do exist, they are being changed so quickly that they never make an impact.



Thoughts and words are intrinsically linked since we think in terms of the language we use. Thinking just implies that we are speaking in our own heads instead of out loud. It is how we think or talk that will present negative or positive energy; low or high vibrations. In the free guide available on this site, one of the rituals mentioned is Affirmation. Affirmation is how you use your thoughts and words about yourself, in a positive, reinforcing manner. When practicing affirmation we want to make sure our thoughts and words are being used with positive energy in mind. Let’s look at one example. If we have a thought about (or tell) ourselves, “I don’t want to be negative anymore”, we are using negative energy. Our minds can strip away the “don’t” and just remind us that we are currently a negative person, leading to negative feelings. A better way to think or say it would be, “I’m a positive person who thinks positive thoughts.” This comes from a place of positive energy as we are thinking/talking about what we want to be, not what we don’t want to be. We are giving off positive energy because we are happy with that thought and not thinking about the negative side.

The same goes for when we talk to others. If someone brings up a subject, and you only focus on the negative aspects of that subject, you are giving off negative vibrations. This will affect the person you are talking with as they too will start to focus on the negatives. Misery loves company, right? Instead, focus on the positives of the subject. What is great about it? What do you really like about it? You can certainly recognize the negative aspects, as it is good to be able to see all sides of it, but recognize them in a positive way. “Sure this negative aspect exists, but here is an amazing positive aspect that makes up for it.”

Our thoughts and words can help put negative feelings onto the positive track and help lead to positive actions.



Actions are the end result of our feelings, thoughts and words. They extend from or accompany our thoughts and/or words. This can be anything from our body language to direct actions. If you are angry, you will be more likely to slam a door. If you are upset, and someone asks you to pass them something, you might throw it instead of hand it over. These actions will occur even without having to say anything, responding directly from our feelings and thoughts, and sending that negative energy out into the world. The person you threw something at will probably pick up on the energy and figure out something is wrong. On the other hand, if you were in a higher vibrational state, you might toss the item to them with a smile. I’m sure they would find this much more pleasant and see your positive energy being displayed. Actions can be a great signal for the current vibrational state we are in, even if we are unaware of our feelings. Slamming a door will definitely get our attention and alert us to our state. We can recognize this and take the time to examine the thoughts we had that lead to that action. Many people in this case might starting counting to ten as a way to dissipate their negative energy. This is a simple form of meditation, focusing entirely on the counting and letting the negative thoughts leave as soon as they come. Once in this calmer state of mind, it will be easier to examine our feelings, thoughts, and words.

Actions are our clues to help decipher our negative feelings and figure out a way to apply the changes to the thoughts and words that derive from those feelings.

Nobody is perfect. Or better yet, most people strive to be perfect and and do a great job of it most of the time. Being aware of our thoughts, words, and actions and how they relate to our feelings can help us raise our vibration. We can change the way we think and act to lead us, and those around us, to a more positive energy.

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