Higher Vibrational Self is a place to share knowledge about positive energy and self improvement.  We all deserve to live happy, fulfilling lives.  This can be done by examining our feelings, thoughts, words, and actions.  We can find where these feelings, thoughts, words, and actions are negative, and learn to how to shape them to the positive side of things.  We want to raise our vibrations so that we can bring more positive energy into our lives and the lives of others.  Not sure what I mean by that?  Check out this blog post to get started: What Is A Higher Vibrational Self?

My goal for this site is to share the knowledge that I’ve learned on my own journey in hopes that I will be able to help someone else.  We can all work together to build positive energy and lift each other up.  All blog posts allow for comments so please feel free to discuss.  There is also a free guide available for actions you can start doing right now to help bring more awareness and positivity into your life.

Remember that we really do deserve to be happy in our lives.  You are so worth it!

-Jon Dufore, Higher Vibrational Self